The Joseph Priestley Zen Community is a member sangha of the Empty Moon Zen Network, led by Sensei Edward Sanshin Oberholtzer. Our teacher Edward is a fully transmitted teacher in the Harada Yasutani Zen tradition as well as an ordained priest in the Soto stream of Japanese Zen. He is a member of the Empty Moon Zen teaching circle.

We meet on Zoom on Thursday evenings from 7:00 until around 8:30 on Zoom.  Practice consists of zazen (seated meditation), kinhin (walking meditation) and liturgy with a brief talk alternating with the opp​ortunity for dokusan (a private interview with a teacher)  every other week. Newcomers are always welcome. 

Zoom Meeting ID 191734 (You do need a Zoom app, which is free)

For more information please visit or write to Edward at ecoberholtzer(at)